Committing to Excellence: 2 Abstracts Accepted at the 2024 SBI Breast Imaging Symposium

Created: April 16, 2024

This April, Rose Imaging once again shone at the Society of Breast Imaging (SBI) Breast Imaging Symposium, underscoring our commitment to advancing breast imaging techniques and knowlege. Our team is thrilled to share insights from the presentations of Dr. Reena Vashi and Dr. Stephen L. Rose, whose abstracts were not only accepted but also highlighted critical advzancements in the surveillance of breast cancer recurrence.

“Performance of Dual-Energy Contrast Enhanced Mammography (CEM) for Surveillance of Women after Breast Conserving Surgery”

On Thursday, April 12, 2024, Dr. Reena Vashi delivered an enlightening live presentation titled “Performance of Dual-Energy Contrast Enhanced Mammography for Surveillance of Women after Breast Conserving Surgery.” Her study provided compelling evidence that CEM is comparable to MRI in monitoring high-risk women post-breast conserving surgery. The abstract presented detailed results from a retrospective review conducted over three years at four outpatient imaging sites, involving 198 women. The use of CEM demonstrated not only high sensitivity and specificity but also offered a profound insight into the detection rates and characteristics of recurrent cancers, indicating a promising future for CEM in routine surveillance.

“Contrast Enhanced Mammography for Surveillance of Recurrence after Breast Cancer”

In a parallel stride, Dr. Stephen L. Rose presented an educational abstract, “Contrast Enhanced Mammography for Surveillance of Recurrence after Breast Cancer.” This poster addressed the increasing adoption of CEM in the surveillance of women post-breast cancer treatment. Dr. Rose provided a detailed review of cases illustrating the application of CEM, demonstrating its effectiveness and the nuances of image interpretation. His presentation highlighted the importance of ongoing education for radiologists in mastering this technology, given its rising significance in detecting recurrences in both ipsilateral and contralateral breasts.

Building on a Legacy of Excellence

Reflecting on last year’s symposium where our abstracts focused on the implementation of CEM in outpatient settings and the impacts of breast augmentation on cancer screening, it is evident that Rose Imaging continues to push the boundaries of diagnostic excellence. The ongoing research and dissemination of findings through platforms such as the SBI Symposium are pivotal in our mission to enhance patient outcomes through superior imaging techniques.

As we continue to innovate and share our findings, we invite the medical community and the public to stay informed on our progress and the exciting advancements in breast imaging. To learn more about our work and read detailed insights from our presentations, visit our news section at Rose Imaging Specialists.

Stay Connected for Future Innovations

Looking ahead, Rose Imaging remains dedicated to pioneering developments in medical imaging. Our focus on patient-centered care and cutting-edge technology drives our pursuit of excellence. We look forward to contributing further to the field of breast imaging and to more groundbreaking presentations at future symposiums.

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