Rose Imaging Specialists was instrumental in helping to pass a 2017 law ensuring insurance coverage for 3D mammograms.

In January, 2017, Texas House Bill 1036 was introduced by Representative Senfronia Thompson, which requires insurance providers in Texas to cover 3D mammography. Passed with a two-thirds majority vote, the bill was signed by Governor Abbott and became law a few months later.

Dr. Stephen Rose, founder of Rose Imaging Specialists, was one of the reasons why the bill passed so overwhelmingly.

Dr. Rose testified before the Business and Commerce Committee of the Texas Senate and the Texas House of Representatives Insurance Committee. His testimony included evidence-based research and personal experience with 3D mammography, which has demonstrated an increase in cancer detection versus conventional 2D mammography of up to 54% and a reduction in recalls of up to 37%.

In addition to making the argument that 3D mammography is capable of saving more lives, Dr. Rose also showed how reducing the time, cost and inconvenience of unnecessary follow-up testing was beneficial to both patients and payers, and how earlier detection can reduce the need for expensive later stage invasive surgeries and treatments.

While Medicare has covered 3D mammography since 2015, private insurers were not universally covering the test, forcing many women to pay out-of-pocket if they wanted the test. But thanks to the effort of the Texas Legislature and Rose Imaging Specialists, all women in the state have full access to the best mammography screening technology available today at no additional cost.