When it comes to where to have your mammogram performed, it is your choice. Some choose their provider based on location. Others go where their doctors recommend. But a growing number of women are doing their own homework, and they are learning that there are big differences among imaging centers and the doctors who read and interpret their mammogram.

Not all radiologists are the same. Some have more experience, some have special education and some have interpreted, or read, more images than others. With Rose Imaging Specialists, you are guaranteed a specialized radiologist who has read tens of thousands of breast images and is board certified by the American Board of Radiology. Our sole focus on breast imaging makes us uniquely qualified and experienced in the field.

If we do find something of concern on your mammogram, we also believe in a team approach to your care. We interact closely with the referring physicians, breast surgeons, plastic surgeons, radiation therapists, breast pathologists and oncologists. We are committed to delivering accurate and timely results. Our experience and expertise provide you with accurate information, relieving fears and helping patients make informed decisions to give you the peace of mind you deserve.